Amerigo soft oil
Amerigo soft oil

Amerigo soft oil

Amerigo soft oil

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We recommend an application of oil before initial use. Regular application of the oil (every 8-12 weeks) will help to maintain the suppleness of the leather.

Care of your Amerigo saddle and accessories.

Amerigo manufactures its saddles using top class French and Italian hides. The calfskin is drum-tanned in pure aniline, with only vegetative materials being used in the tanning of the leather. The specially selected hides, which come from environmentally certified tanneries, combine with the meticulous handcrafting, to ensure that every Amerigo saddle becomes a true “Made in Italy” masterpiece.

To ensure that your saddle retains its beauty and elasticity, it must be regularly treated with leather care products that clean and moisturise the leather without damaging it. These simple procedures create a natural protective barrier, which helps to defend the hide from natural wearing agents such as light and heat that can cause premature ageing.

It is, therefore, very important that the leather care products used are also suitable for the type of hides that we use. Unsuitable products can cause permanent damage to the leathers.

Please note that damage caused by the use of unsuitable leather care products and also any kind of adhesive products (for extra grip) on either saddles or riding boots is not covered by the Amerigo Warranty.

The girth straps on the Amerigo saddles are made from a special leather type that does not require the use of any oil or oil based products. We also recommend that all girth straps are checked regularly and replaced whenever neccessary for your own personal safety.

Amerigo has created its own collection of leather care products, which have been specially created for the hides we use.

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