Antarès Stressless halter riimu
Antarès Stressless halter riimu

Antarès Stressless halter riimu

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Hevosellesi täydellistä mukavuutta! Stressless halter riimu on hyvin istuva, ehkäisee paineen aiheuttamaa paniikkia. Säädettävissä sivuilta ja turvasta. 

Saatavilla koot; 1 (cob) ja 2 (full)

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Stressless halter

The Antarès Sellier France team, in collaboration with Cédric Angot, worked on a simple and innovative solution to create a more serene environment for the horse and rider: the STRESSLESS halter.

The elastic on the headpiece and cheek-pieces is strategically placed to limit as much as possible the «stop» phenomenon that can occur during head movements on the tie.

Composed of quality pre-stretched French leather elements, the halter ensures the perfect comfort of the horse. The halter accompanies the horse, without blocking. And greatly decreases the risk of panic. Sold with its bag. Adjustable on both side and behind the noseband.

*Antares leather :

Antarès “Stressless” halter is made in French full grain leather especially selected and developed for Antares by the tannery Arnal in Rodez France. Width and density of the hides are strictly controlled and the vegetable tanning process, based on chestnuts, is specially developed for bridlework to insure its longevity.

Skins are stretched while drying to avoid lengthening. Except from this operation, the leather grain is not altered during tanning process to guarantee its exclusive softness and resistance.

*Leather care

It might happen that the halters ‘leather does not seem as smooth as on some other products. A treatment with a nourishing balm will help to conceal the appearance of skin irregularities and will give the leather an attractive aspect.

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